Fregata Magnificens

The figure of the spiral has always been associated with regeneration. The vertigo and attraction of death is associated there with the centrifugal projecting of life. The whirlpool, the maelstrom, the abyss into which it sinks is its negative sign; but from the end point, projected toward the end of a spinning universe, a new world can be born that, like our universe, is in infinite expansion. In "The Fall" Camus also transposes the appeal of this impossible double in the oxymoron of the penitent judge, who precisely in accepting the damnation of an impossible condition finds an unexpected rebirth. In "Frigate magnificens" the same possibility is experienced, in an overlapping of material and chromatic planes that can generate, as in a figure-background game, as much an implosion as an explosion. Indeed, the frigate is the only bird that, despite allowing itself to fall into a death-like sleep as it flies, continues its journey.

Material and Support
Mixed media on hardboard
130 x 110 cm